For the Roses: New Paintings by Chelsea R Wong Dec 2nd - Jan 8th

For the Roses: New Paintings by Chelsea Ryoko Wong opens Friday, December 2nd with a reception from 6 - 9 pm
In addition to medieval tales of love and magic, the rose has many myths around it that are alive today. The wonderful old pink, fluffy rose that your grandmother called "wild," wasn't. Most of the roses you see around old abandoned homesites aren't wild either. They're just tough. Since roses have been hybridized since Roman times, there are thousands of tough, long-lived hybrids that seem to grow on forever. The botanical term for wild rose is "species rose", which means just what it says — a species that occurs naturally, with no help from man — a true "wildflower." 
-By Ray Allen, Founder,
As a reaction to the current state of politics, For the Roses aims to bring positivity, encouragement and support to my community. These paintings give voices to groups of people, and in particular women, with slogans on t-shirts intended to be encouraging, outraged, humorous and understanding.